Guide for Using the Motorcycle Storehouse Catalogue at Campbell’s Customs

The database on this site contains prices for all the items in the Motorcycle Storehouse Parts Catalogue and Merchandise catalogue. Clicking on the the Motorcycle Storehouse Logo on the right will open the catalogue. Clicking on the large image of the 2013 Apparel catalogue will open that in a separate webpage.

It also has pictures and full descriptions of each item and contains excellent parts schematics to help identify the correct part. The catalogue also allows you to search by OEM part number or description.

Clicking on a part number in the Catalogue will take you to the Motorcycle Storehouse site and will show you a retail price and whether it is in stock.

You cannot order directly from the Motorcycle Storehouse site instead if you type the part number into the search box on this site you will be able to use the Add to Cart button to order the item and checkout in the usual way.

If you want to check pricing on a list of parts do so by adding them all to the cart, you can delete those you do not want before checking out.
There may be some differences in the retail price shown on the Motorcycle Storehouse site and the retail price on this site due to exchange rate movements and the timing of updates, but generally the prices will be the same.

If an item is not in stock and you want to know when it will be in stock again send me an email to and I will find out for you or suggest an alternative that is available,

We aim to have parts ordered on Friday or at the weekend with you by Wednesday of the following week, and parts ordered on Monday to Thursday with you by Saturday. There can be the occasional glitch but generally it works fine and if there is a problem that we know we will keep you informed.

Enquiries preferbly by email, as they get checked several times a day and usually as they arrive, but as we are also a workshop operation we may be working on bikes, sorting out breakdowns or with customers so by emailing your enquiry you can be sure it will have our full and complete attention, and allows us to also give full and complete attention to the bikes we are working on.